About Teen Jazz Radio

Teen Jazz Radio has started its very own station to bring you the latest and greatest from emerging artists. We are always looking for new music from the next generation of performers - so feel free to submit your music for consideration and we are more than excited to listen to and share your music!

TeenJazz.com is a web site run by saxophonist Shannon Kennedy for young artists as a supplemental education for young musicians. At TeenJazz, you can read articles, reviews and interviews with both established and new musicians to get an inside look into the Music Industry.

Through the partnership between Teen Jazz Radio and TeenJazz.com, we hope to bring more exposure to artists, while simultaneously provided listeners with new and exciting music they wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Of course, we will also play known material (so you can tune in to listen to your favorite music too), but our focus is on the next generation, and creating opportunities for musicians in the jazz, smooth jazz, RnB and soul genres.

Teen Jazz Radio also hopes to provide useful resources for the jazz community - both performers and listeners, and new ways for them to connect. Keep an eye out for other opportunities!

If you want to support music, listen to the station online and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. In addition to providing entertaining videos for viewers, the Teen Jazz Radio show will post informative videos regarding the music industry, live/insider acoustic videos of performers, interviews with different artists, and videos about promotional events going on through Teen Jazz and Teen Jazz Radio. So, there are lots of reasons to subscribe!

If you like new music, which we all do, tune in to Teen Jazz Radio! With enough listeners, the station will be on 24/7, playing you great music all day long! Support the next generation of musicians and become a fan of Teen Jazz Radio!

Great Resources for Young Musicians and Upcoming Artists

TeenJazz.com is a great resource for musicians just starting up with their professional careers in the music industry, and it has a great community of musicians supporting it. Please take some time and head over to the site to check out some of what Teen Jazz has to offer.

Your Hosts

Teen Jazz Host and Female Sax Player Shannon Kennedyname shannon kennedy
location belfast, northern ireland
job teen jazz host and musician
subjects jazz, smooth jazz, soul, rnb, acoustic
contact shannonk@shannon-kennedy.com

More About Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy is a California native, world traveler, musician, student and freelance whatever-she-can-do-to-learn-about-everything-in-her-spare-time-r. She loves writing music, playing saxophone, learning new languages, and drinking coffee, although not all at the same time.

She has hosted TeenJazz.com since 2004, where she writes articles and reviews in order to aid young musicians make sense of the music industry. Her professional career has included touring and performing with artists such as 10,000 Maniacs, Peter White, Craig Chaquico, and U-Nam. She has also made several national and regional television appearances as a performer, has recorded with several artists, and has five albums released as an artist and composer.

If you are interested in finding out more about Shannon, visit www.shannon-kennedy.com.

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