Season 2 Episode 9: Interview with Saxophonist and Educator Steve Cole

Posted on
21 Sep 2013
by shannon kennedy under Episodes |

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We caught up with saxophonist Steve Cole to discuss his latest release, Pulse, and his advice for up and coming musicians. He was kind enough to answer our questions and share his experiences as a performer, artist and studio musician.

As part of this interview you can find out:

  • What inspired him to start and pursue music as a career
  • His advice for those who want to perform
  • What it takes to truly succeed as a performer
  • Steve Cole's current and upcoming projects
  • Why it's important to do what you love
  • And more
For a full transcription of the interview, you can visit Teen Jazz.

Fore more information on Steve Cole, you can visit his website. Get Pulse on Amazon

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