Season 2 Episode 1: Hello 2013

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08 Jan 2013
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Hey everyone, I'm back which means that Teen Jazz and Teen Jazz Radio are back! I know that I've been gone for quite a while, but I promise that I have a legitimate reason! In the past year, I've completed my master's degree, worked on a new album, got married, moved from Ireland to California, and released several EPs in addition to the complete album.

For those of you who are subscribed to the channel, welcome back! For those of you who are new to the channel, my name is Shannon Kennedy. I'm a singer-songwriter and saxophonist and I run a web site called Teen Jazz.

Teen Jazz is a place for up and coming musicians to learn about the music industry, read interviews with musicians and music companies, discover other emerging artists, and so much more. A couple years ago, we started Teen Jazz Radio to add another way to feature music and artists, but because I was in school at the time, I struggled to maintain it.

I've since graduated, got a few more projects under my belt and I'm back to continue Teen Jazz as it nears the decade milestone!

We've added a few new features to Teen Jazz including a forum, a contributor section, special badges for Teen Jazz Artists and Contributors, and you can now comment on each of the articles.

So if you were wondering, we going to do our first feature to celebrate the New Year, some of what I've been doing and what you can expect.

Feature #1 Shannon Kennedy - Behind Your Eyes

This past year I've been working on a new album and last month, it was finally released. I really enjoyed working on this project and I'm so happy that I finally get to share it with you. The album is called "Behind Your Eyes" and it's my first effort as a singer-songwriter (there's still saxophone on it of course).

Here's a clip from the album. It's an original that features sax, beat-boxing, French lyrics and it's probably one of my favorite tracks. This is N'Importe Quoi.

Feature #2 U-Nam - Weekend in L.A (A Tribute to George Benson)

Next, I'd like to play you a sample of a project I had the opportunity to be a part of with French guitarist U-Nam. The next song is "Give Me the Night" from his George Benson Tribute "Weekend in LA". We reviewed the album on Teen Jazz, and the link to buy (or read the review) it is in the box below.

Feature #3 Shannon Kennedy - Le Printemps

This last year I also finished my Unfinished Compositions series which was a four EP collection of original music in the soundtrack, video game music style. Some of the music has been licensed in various videos, etc. and I'm really excited about it. You might remember a few of the songs from my other channel, Sksaxgirl, such as "The Lost Voyage", "The Way to You", or "Slumbers Not Nor Sleeps". Which AdamEWayne, one of our subscribers actually named. Thank you Adam! The track I'd like to play for you if from the third EP, Le Printemps, and it is called "L'Appel au Soldat" or, "The Call of the Soldier."

Well, that about sums up the music I have for you today. We'll be adding videos on a monthly basis, and as always, we'd love to feature your music. Feel free to get in touch with me. I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2013 and I'll see you next month!

Thanks for watching!

This episode features the music below:

Shannon Kennedy - Behind Your Eyes
U-Nam - Weekend in L.A (A Tribute to George Benson)
Shannon Kennedy - Le Printemps

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