Season 2 Episode 2: Best of Teen Jazz Radio

Posted on
22 Jan 2013
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Hey Everyone, welcome to the second episode of Teen Jazz Radio for 2013. On today's episode I'd like to showcase some of the talented artists we've showcased on Teen Jazz and Teen Jazz Radio over the years. So there may be some things that you've heard before and hopefully some things that you haven't.

I'm going to try not to talk for the rest of the episode. I'm going to just play music and have captions with the names of the artists and the names of the songs because as you can tell I'm a little bit sick and it's a little bit difficult for me to talk right now. And I'll of course include links for you to download the music, to buy it in the box below.

And I'd also like to tell you about a few articles we've posted on Teen Jazz in the last month. Teen Jazz features a lot of different articles - everything from interviews with established musicians to features of up and coming musicians. We add articles on a bi-weekly basis. We previously added articles every other day, but it was just to get all of the archive articles we once had back on the site and now that they're there, we've moved to a twice-a-week publication schedule.

In the last couple months we've had interviews with Jason Weber, and we've added several new Teen Jazz artists and we also have a lot of great advice articles. We just wrote one on productivity for musicians. We have a few great interviews coming up that I'm excited to post in the next month. And of course, NAMM is this week so I'll be writing reviews of that and some of the different things I see while I'm at the show.

We also have posted a couple of concert reviews that are up on the site as well so I hope you'll take the time to check them out. I've put a couple of links in the box below and now let's listen to some great music.

Drew Simpson's Fragile from the album Noteworthy. For more information visit
Drew Simpson "Fragile"
Drew Simpson - Noteworthy on Amazon

U-Nam's Love X Love featuring Tim TiO Owens from the album Weekend in LA. For more information visit
U-Nam "Love X Love"
U-Nam - Weekend in L.A (A Tribute to George Benson) on Amazon

Ioannis Tsioulakis "Looking Over the Lee" an unreleased track.

Thanks for watching!

Links to new articles on Teen Jazz:

Interview with Saxophonist Jason Weber
Productivity for Musicians
Darryl Williams Concert Review

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