Submission Guidelines for Teen Jazz Radio

If you're curious about submitting music for consideration on our podcast, here's how.

Step One: Visit and check out some of our previous podcasts to make sure that your music fits our format. We play a diverse range of music, everything from jazz to latin fusion to soul/rnb, but we'll consider other genres as well.

Step Two: If you feel that your music would be appropriate for our show, the next step is to send me an email introducing yourself and with links to mp3s of your music. If you opt to send links, please make sure that they work and that the music is downloadable.

In the email that you send me, please include your name, the names of the songs and the name of the album(s) that they're on unless they are singles. You can also include links to your website or youtube channel in the email and I'll mention them in the podcast if we feature your music.

Please make sure that the song information is attached to the song file so that it doesn't get lost in our digital archives.

You can only submit music that you have the rights to. Please do not submit music that belongs to someone else. So unless it is your music, or you have permission from the person who created the music, don't submit it because we can't play it.

So that's it. Ready?

Send your music here.